Wat Chakrawat Rachawat

The Three Chedi at the south of Wat Chakrawat

The old crocodile under Phra Mondop
Originally called Wat Samplum, it was an old temple at the corner of Chakrawat and Sampheng Roads. It was renovated by Chao Phraya Bodintrdeja (Sing) during the reign of King Rama III who gave it its new name.
When Chao Phraya Bodintrdeja was sent to put Vientien under control he brought a Buddha image called Phra Bang to present to the King. The people of Laos believed that whenever the Emerald Buddha and the Phra Bang are placed in the same city trouble occurred. So King Rama III put the Phra Bang image in Wat Chakrawat which is located well away from the Grand Palace. The image remainded there until King Rama IV returned it to Luang Phrabang in Laos in A.D. 1866. The Wihan in which the duplicate image stands, remains today.
In A.D. 1889 Phra Mongkhonthipmuni (Ma) built a small hill to enshrine the Buddha's foot-print in miniature at this temple. The King built a Mondop under which the foot-prints are placed.

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